Accelerating growth for a promising food company in 10 countries

Accelerating growth for a promising food company in 10 countries


This case study examines the successful digital transformation journey of a promising food manufacturing company operating in 10 countries. Through the adoption of digital technologies and strategic innovation, the company was able to streamline its operations, introduce e-commerce, enhance the customer experience, and achieve sustainable growth. This case study sheds light on the key steps taken by the company to navigate the digital landscape and the significant results it achieved.

Accelerating growth for a promising food company in 10 countries
Accelerating growth for a promising food company in 10 countries


The food industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation driven by changing consumer behavior, increased competition, and technological advancements. This case study focuses on a food company that recognized the need to adapt digital technologies, enter e-commerce, and harness them to remain competitive and expand its market presence across 10 countries.


The food materials company had gained a strong reputation in the traditional market. However, they realized that to maintain their competitive edge and capitalize on new opportunities, they needed to embrace digital transformation.

Goal and Challenges

At Beyond 360, we conducted an in-depth analysis of their business operations, market trends, and customer preferences to identify their goals and challenges. The main goals they identified were:

  • Enhancing operational efficiency and agility.
  • Improving customer experience and engagement.
  • Expanding market reach and customer base through e-commerce.
  • Facilitating communication among the team spread across 4 different countries.

The key challenges they faced included manual processes and limited digital presence.

Building a Digital Strategy

At Beyond 360, we developed a comprehensive digital strategy aligned with their business objectives. The strategy included:

Developing a strong online presence

We built a sales team and stores management system that allowed wholesalers to place orders online without waiting for a sales representative, along with tracking previous transactions and offering special deals.

Implementing a connected financial system

Our vision at Beyond 360 is that digital transformation is the magic solution for any company. Therefore, we ensured all existing systems in the company were connected, especially the financial system that enabled decision-makers to monitor cash flow in real-time.

Developing a customer service department

Our mission at Beyond 360 is not limited to software development. Hence, we recruited and trained a customer service team and built a customer relationship management (CRM) system integrated with all the previous components.

Leveraging data analytics

Beyond 360 implemented data analytics tools with a dashboard to gain actionable insights into customer preferences, market trends, and operational efficiency. This enabled them to customize their offerings and make data-driven business decisions.

Enhancing partnerships

We also collaborated with technology partners and startups to leverage innovative solutions such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices for inventory management and companies that enabled us to manage multiple stores simultaneously.

Implementation of the Digital Transformation Initiative

We assisted the food materials company in taking a phased approach to implement their digital transformation initiatives. They formed a dedicated team responsible for leading the transformation and, in collaboration with us, conducted training programs to refine employee skills and ensure smooth adoption of new technologies.

Results and Benefits

The digital transformation initiatives we implemented led to several significant outcomes:

  • Improved operational efficiency: Automation and integration of processes resulted in reducing manual errors, enhancing productivity, and improving inventory management.
  • Enhanced customer experience: The website, mobile application, and e-commerce platform empowered customers to easily place orders, track delivery processes, and provide feedback. Personalized offers and recommendations based on customer preferences increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Expanded market reach: Digital initiatives enabled tapping into new markets and attracting a wider customer base. Online promotional campaigns and social media engagement increased brand visibility and customer acquisition.
  • Innovation and product development: Data analytics tools provided valuable insights into customer preferences, enabling the innovation and introduction of new products tailored to market requirements.

Note: The company's name has not been mentioned to maintain internal privacy for our client.

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